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    Monsieur Marco : Resurrecting a dream with the christmas song ' February'


    singer Monsieur Marco

    HAVIA WORLD | INTERNASIONAL | New coming singer Monsieur Marco. He's a Swiss - Mauritian Artist who lives in Barcelona and has just released his new music video on December 10th, 2021 on his Youtube channel Monsieur Marco. 

    He shared about his Christmas Song called 'February'. 

    "I began releasing my songs, including ‘February’, in 2020. At that point, simply publishing my songs on YouTube and opening social media accounts (which I had never used before) was enough of an accomplishment. Perhaps, I still hoped I could make music without having to put my face to it. However, a few months later, I realised things weren’t panning out that way, so I started to make a few simple videos. And I’m glad I did, because I met some wonderful people in the process. The ‘February’ video, for example, gave me the chance to meet Maria Hinojosa (the soprano who duets with me in the song) in person; the previous year she had recorded her part in a different studio from me.

    This Christmas song called February was written around two years ago. I can’t recall if I was strumming a few chords or out on a stroll, but I remember that as soon as the melody came to me, I knew it had to be a Christmas song. I love Christmas, particularly the weeks preceding it. I always feel a bit sad when Christmas has just passed and all the decorations are taken down and the lights switched off, despite winter being far from over. ‘February’ represents my utopian dream of extending the Christmas period all the way to February, and so making winter feel a little shorter at least here in the northern hemisphere". 

    Monsieur Marco has loved singing and writing tunes ever since he was small, and as a teenager he dreamed of becoming a singer. However, as time passed, he distanced himself from this dream, and instead chose a more conventional path, focused on his studies and then work. 

    However, as he approached 40, he began to feel the urge to release the pressure building up inside himself. He doesn't know exactly where this dream will take him, but he is sure if he hadn’t started to turn it into reality a year ago, it would have been the biggest regret of his life.

    To our question about his goals for his music career he tells us "Like most up-and-coming artists, I imagine, I’d like to be able to make a living from my music. Otherwise, I don’t have any great ambitions, apart from hoping that my music reaches anyone in the world who might like and enjoy it. And I’m just enjoying the ride". 

    Some of his songs are quite combative, like ‘Colours’, a song for the community that he is part of. But mostly the songs are simply snapshots of moments of his life. “With ‘February’  I just wanted to convey somewhat dreamy, sweet, festive nostalgia.” (Tim)

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