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    Again, New Deadly Shootings by the Algerian Army on Sahrawi Civilians

    HAVIA WORLD | MAROCCO | Rabat - The Algerian army (ANP) fired on the night of Friday, 25-26 November 2021, without neither pity nor warning at a group of Sahrawi civilians in search of gold, in the Est of the so-called ‘’dakhla camp’’.

    In this murderous attack, the Algerian army shot dead the named Aabidat Ouled Bellal and severely injured Falli Ouled Berka.

    This is the Second of its kind during two weeks and this is not the first time that the Algerian soldiers have opened fire on defenseless Sahrawis refugees of Tindouf camps.

    The Sahrawis refugees tried to escape outside the Tindouf Camps in the area of the so-called ‘’Dakhla camp’’, but Algerian soldiers, who immediately overtake them, do not hesitate to shoot them at point-blank range. (PERSISMA/Red)

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